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Exercises of Smooth Waltz

Smooth Waltz is a quick-paced class that currently consists of 5 exercises that keep the dancer moving. The pace of the class is congruent with a person's natural rhythm. This makes it possible to experience dance in the body bypassing our sometimes critical mind. Each activity has a purpose and a mindframe, and I have shared both with you.

First Activity: Add Lightness and Smoothness to your Dancing

Mindframe: The upright dancer. Dancers carry themselves differently as if supported from the sky

Second Activity: Connecting to your Partner

Mindframe: Walking upright and supported from the sky, arm is self supporting

Third Activity: Good Healthy Dancer Arms

Mindframe: Think ahead and excute with flow

Fourth Activity: The Proper Lead and the Proper Follow

Mindframe: Rely more on the music then the steps and lead predictably

Fifth Activity: Mix it all together

Mindframe: Leads should lead predictably without expectation on the follow to get their lead right away. It is a process of the lead being both decisive and slow enough to be predictable. Using the two pull lead helps to communciate intention.

Most important: Take the pressure off your partner because dancing to music is and should be fun and not an activity that works well under pressure. Keep it light and without expectation.


Clue: It is good to dance a little behind the music, relax into it.

Keep it fun by smiling and enjoying the moment,


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