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Lenora's Ballroom


• 615 SE Alder Street • Portland, Oregon

Mondays in July


Monday, July 6th   
Smooth Waltz Lesson                                                
    8:00 - 8:30   Connecting-with-Waltz lesson with Eric Singer & Dorothy Sharrar

    8:30-10:30   DJ’s Eric & Dorothy bring you an international playlist


Monday July 13th   

Mr. William Watson Has Returned to the Ballroom  


   8:00-8:30   A lesson to practice good dancer arms and waltz frame

   8:30-10:30  William shares his love of music with a beautifully danceable playlist


Monday, July 20th

Anna Knierim Makes Her Debut at Lenora’s             

   8:00-8:30     Walking-into-Waltz lesson with Eric Singer

   8:30-10:30   DJ Anna lights up the room with waltzes, blues, swing and more…


Monday, July 27th

Award Winning Diana Wojcik                                      

   8:00 - 8:30  Lesson with Diana Wojcik focuses on communication and partnering and defining lead and follow. Her approach is that ballroom dancing evolves from natural movement as she connects us to dance.

   8:30-10:30  DJ, Eric Singer, brings you an inspired evening of music from a wide

spectrum of dance genres.

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